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10 Level Electric Heating Pad

10 Level Electric Heating Pad

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  • Made of super soft crystal velvet material, soft and skin-friendly, breathable, comfortable to touch, and not easy to cause skin allergies.
  • Rapid heating, constant temperature hot compress, bring warmth to your body, effectively disperse the cold, and protect your health.
  • 10-speed temperature control 86F-158F (30°C-70°C),
  • 3-speed timing (45 minutes/90 minutes/120 minutes), to meet the actual needs of different groups of people.
  • It is suitable for waist, abdomen, back, legs and other parts to relieve body pain and improve old cold legs.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Equipped with a waterproof junction box, our product supports both hand and machine wash.


  • Material: super soft crystal velvet
  • Color: grey
  • Power: 75W
  • Heating wire length: 136cm+57cm
  • Heating temperature of heating pad:
            Gear 1-86F/30℃
            Gear 2-95F/35℃
            Gear 3-104F/40℃
            Gear 4-113F/45℃
            Gear 5-122F/50℃
            Gear 6-131F/55℃
            Gear 7-136F/58℃
            Gear 8-145F/63℃
            Gear 9-149F/65℃
            Gear 10-158F/70℃
  • Plug Specifications: US Regulation (100-120V)
  • Actual product size: 30*59cm
  • Packing size: 30*9*9cm

Packing List:

1* 30*59cm heating pad
1*Temperature control power cord
1* User Manual

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INCHES=11.8 X 23.2

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Blanca O.

Great heating pad. At the maximum it heats quite hot. I warm up my chilled legs, warm up the osteoarthritis zone of the neck and back before a therapeutic massage-very effectively. I also cover my little dog after walking to warm him up. The mat is lightweight and pleasant to the touch.