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Thumb Brace Splint/Stabilizer

Thumb Brace Splint/Stabilizer

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Provides Your Wrist and Thumb with Soothing Pressure, Easing Pain, Creating Blood Circulation Throughout the Wrist and Hand, speeding up recovery!

Pain Relief It is suitable for: thumb tendonitis (de Quervian tenosynovitis, thumb sprain, wrist fracture recovery, wrist sprain, dislocation, etc.
High-quality Material The main component is nylon; the cloth surface has a smooth texture, abrasion resistance, is anti pilling, and has good air permeability.
Stabilized Design Two rubber strips at the front and back support and fix the thumb in two directions, providing great stability. The design is simple and effective, giving you relief and comfort.
Easy to Use The brace is easy to put on and take off; You can easily adjust each strap to fit your wrist and thumb, providing vital support and compression. Wear it during the day to keep exercising without pain. Wear at night for protection while sleeping.
Use Anytime Use at work, when traveling, during exercise, etc. Avoid injury and pain, muscle strain, tendonitis, and subsequent pain during sports and outdoor activities

Package includes
1 Piece * Adjustable Wrist Brace
1 Pair * Adjustable Wrist Brace
Notes: 1 Piece Wrist Brace can be worn on left and right hand.


  • Weight: about 57g per piece
  • Material: nylon, mesh cloth, knit cloth, pp gel
  • Size: One Size, Adjustable
  • Product length: 7.8in/18cm
  • Upper belt length: 8.6in/21.5cm
  • Lower belt length: 11.02in/26cm
  • Thumb belt length: 5.9in/14cm
  • Fit Type: Reversible/Fits Left and Right Hand
  • Quantity: 1 PC / 1 Pair
  • Function: Thumb/Wrist Support
  • Closure type: Adjustable Straps
  • Color: Black


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